Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome to the Beachside Baby Cakes Blog! I decided to start this adventure after giving this diaper cake as a gift...and being asked by several people if I would make one for them to give as a gift.

5 Tier Diaper Cake

The best gifts I received as a new mom were the ones that were used in great quantity....Diapers, wipes, blankets, onsies etc. In my opinion, your stockpile of these items is never too big when you have a little person demanding your attention.

These are also the gifts I enjoy giving, but wrapping up a box of diapers is boring. I started experimenting with diaper cakes- and I found the best of both worlds. A useful gift that still elicits the "ooohs and aahhhs" we all expect to hear at a baby shower.

I've also found that smaller creations from these same "ingredients" are fun gifts for office baby showers or cute additions to your gift bag.

Diaper Babies

Last but not least, I love the Daddy Doody Kits. These are part gag gift/part necessity as well! Dads are often left out of the baby shower excitement, and I enjoy embarassing them a bit. I made the first one of these for a good friend (same one that the above diaper cake went to), and it was the hit of the office baby shower. Even my manly boss got a kick out of it!

Daddy Doody Kit...part gag/part gift!

I invite you to check out what I've made so far- and check out what's for sale in my Etsy shop. I do take custom orders, and can make a diaper cake to meet your specifications- big or small. Anything I already have listed on Etsy can be further customized with the add-on packages to include baby toys or bath products.

Check back soon to enter the Pregnancy Forum Baby Party Giveaway with prizes valued at $500. Entry is open August 12- September 10.
Enjoy, and please come again!


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