Friday, July 13, 2012

Pregnancy Forum Baby Party Giveaway

Pregnancy Forum will be hosting a giveaway starting August 12- September 10, and is currently seeking bloggers interested in sponsoring. Giveaway and Sponsorship info via Pregnancy Forum:

Grand Prize - Baby Stroller
Second Prize - Bedding 10 piece Crib Set 
Third Prize - Clear blue digital ovulation tests (There are many women who are trying to conceive so I added this as my 3rd prize)
Blogger Sign Up: July 11 to August 11 - Receive 2 FREE Links of choice Facebook/Twitter or Pinterest, with announcement post or $2.00 without announcement. Additional links $1.00 each, which will be used to ship the prize to the winner. Hosts slots also available - A link back to your blog/website on the Giveaway post + Unlimited free links on the Rafflecopter of your choice for $10. For only a link back of your blog on the giveaway post is $3.

Paypal email: - this email is only for payments, do not send any help or questions to this email.

Giveaway Start date: August 12 - September 10. I will send html out on August 11 Requirements: Publish an announcement post for the giveaway signup in order to get your Free link Once giveaway is live promote 2x times a day You must have a blog/website where you can publish the giveaway text and rafflecopter code to participate.

Blogger Sponsorship Signup Form.

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